Healers UNITE

It is time to come together – to set aside separation and reach out, creating a unified field to benefit all. We have each learned many lessons and picked up valuable tools for our medicine baskets during the months and years before this present time. Now we are being called to join hands in harmony – to effect a vibrational shift in our collective field. We are working from many directions and paths, orientations and mindsets, but many have learned that energy is neutral, and that the difference is made in how we use it. The choice point is before us now again – perpetually the story of choosing harm or choosing the good. We have free will to direct the nature of what is toward the benefit of others or for personal agendas. Each time we choose the highest good, for all to be in right relationship – for fair and equal exchange, reciprocity, equilibrium and balance – we choose what maintains the delicate cycle of inter-relationship we have here on Earth. This plane exists within a certain field of plenty, but not unlimited resources – abundance, but not greed, can be the reality of our physical experience.

This time we live in requires each of us to step into the fullness of what we are – as individuals, as family members, as citizens, and for us – as healers to our wider community. There is no time but now, yet the thread we pull here ripples in many directions. This choice point matters. We can choose separation, suspicion and isolated expression, or we can choose to liberate ourselves into a wider state of Grace. Many are available to assist us along this journey, and many have gone before you with tools that may cause your path to open into the flower of awareness, the positive nature of manifestation, and the infinite capacity you have to freely express your true self into this material world. Some are called to be students, apprentices, learning new stages of growth and constructive development at this time. Some are called to be elders, to show up to mentor, to divine the truth as protection for others, to minister healing and encourage the transformation cycles to continue. You know which you are in this moment, and you know how Spirit is calling you to serve.

Many have seen that your area is drawing in people and energy; it is swirling with a magnetism that will cause great change in the fabric of your community. Choose now not to hide, but to be available. Choose to experience the joy of mutual benefit and the blessing of utilizing your gifts for the sake of all beings – here where you are, and within the resonance of our wider Earth family. This season of change will build momentum in one of two directions: toward greater harmony or into greater division. Each micro-culture has its own decisions to make about how it will contribute in the coming days, but we all have a unique opportunity to attain a higher resonance of healed, balanced, abundant, joyous energetic experience if we choose to support each other consciously and in honor.

Channeled by Shinai on 5-4-2015 (=8) – Full Moon in Scorpio

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