Ancestor Meme


Most nights I remind my daughter while I pray, “Your ancestors and angels will watch over you while you sleep.” She can’t possibly yet understand the rich array of experiences I have had navigating the Spirit world, but she is comforted by the message. She knows Grandma Diana is with us, as I tell her repeatedly what Mom would want her to know. And her adorable little face mirrors her back to me; she looks like her ancestor, the one we have all grieved the most intimately. She died too young.

I find myself wanting to explain to her already the many realms of Spirit, and the myriad beings who appear to reside there. But she is only 3, and not yet grasping the reason to inquire about a world other than this one, which is still so new and nuanced to her. She’s barely figuring it all out, after all. Maybe she remembers the other one better than I do.

I tell my clients jokingly that I only call in “the big guns” — the angels, when I really need them. But truly, our access is not limited to the moments when a great need arises, or when we feel darkness we don’t know how to handle. That’s just what most of us wait for before we do something so basic that is, to ask for help.

Ancestors are even more available to us. I feel them “waiting in the wings,” waiting to be called into action, eager to assist, but honoring the free will that demands our request. I find that ancestors take joy in helping with the practical things, the things they would have done for us as family if they were still here. Sometimes they want to do things they didn’t (or couldn’t) do in the life we remember, because they were in turmoil or depression or managing addiction.

I helped someone cross over tonight — something I am astounded to say I have done many times now. It never ceases to amaze me how thin the veil is between worlds, especially this time of year. Sometimes it feels like it’s barely there. What keeps us from calling on the support of those beings who sit just beyond this primary dream’s distraction? Usually fear of the unknown is all. But it’s so simple to make a natural relationship with our ancestors the world of the known. We just need practice; as with all things, we have to use a muscle to give it strength. There truly is no separation. We are not the body, although we inhabit one temporarily. Our ancestors have already shed its limits.

Tonight, call on your angels or ancestors for big problems or small. Don’t wait until you feel desperate for answers. Build a relationship altar now. Make offerings to those who have given you everything, making life possible for you. Feed your experience with them with photographs and mementos. Strengthen the bond of trust in their ability to guide you, and help you navigate life — a school from which they’ve already graduated. Let them be your tutors. Sign up for their course in healthy living and balanced relationships. Lend them an ear to hear their wisdom. Ancestors in the Light are more than willing to respond when you wake up to their presence, and ask for help. Otherwise, they won’t interfere. That’s the law.

Asking is the answer.

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