Incan Medicine Dream


High in the Andes, communing with the mountains’ teacher spirits, I perceived the three layers of the Incan cosmos…

the Snake, the Puma and the Condor.

I was shown through feeling and seeing the primary traits of each animal’s medicine story. It was made clear that human beings only operate on the two lower levels – the snake and the puma – and that all that happens within the physical as a result of human activity happens within these layers.

The Snake is the energy that pursues us to transform – to awaken, to grow, to change and to accomplish – anything we take on in the world of human activity. It, like the energy of the kundalini in the East, is that which rides us to accomplish and actualize the best of this human experience.

The Puma is a graduated stage of human awareness where certain people who have seen through the dream of illusion (the world of the snake), weave and pattern the archetypes or primary roles of all humans. The puma gathers from all traditions and narratives, and offers new constructs, new ideas and directions, and presents them into the mass reality dream with precision, based on the knowing that comes from seeing the whole of physical reality as it is. Puma people are highly rare, and walk alone like a panther in the night to discover and map the territory of human consciousness, to rehearse scenarios, to perceive from every angle before taking action because they deeply understand the laws of cause and effect.

The Condor exists only within the Spirit realms, and being part of the Great Mystery, cannot be fully understood by the human mind. With a sweep of his/her wing, she annihilates worlds or creates them anew. Whole lines of thought, fields of awareness, species, beliefs or physical constructs can be dissolved into the ocean of non-form in an instant by those Higher Powers that govern the life cycles on this planet, or within the Earth plane.

I saw the Snake striking at human beings repeatedly to shift them out of complacence, false beliefs, stubbornness or loathing. Each time the snake would strike I could feel the ripple generated by this change of energetic orientation. It stimulated human beings to awaken and move beyond whatever world of form they were presently trapped in. It was relentless and humans generally cursed the impetus as the evil rather than seeing the confines. I was made aware that this is the level on which the vast majority of human beings are operating, waiting for the next stimulus to make them change.

The Puma in contrast does not accept any confines and insisted in the dream on roaming all its territory, the vast realms within worlds of what is created in form. Its Spirit was free and unfettered, but often experienced the loneliness of roaming as a solitary weaver of the dream. In retracing the boundary lines of all fields of awareness, covering all available territory, the puma carries the possibility of mastering the dream, and of choosing with clarity where to contribute specifically. Its job in a way is to weave the dream for others, into archetypal forms that assist the collective and its evolutionary trajectory. I was shown that there are maybe 300 of these people on the Earth at any given time. Assuming the role of the puma is not a fixed reality but a transitional one based on our present life experience, awareness and availability to assist. The puma holds together the loose threads of human experience to give them the meaning or context that writes our collective story.

I was shown the Condor’s role as a sweeper, a dissolver, an annihilator of human experience and struggle when one cycle has reached its pinnacle, or the fullness of what it has to offer. A new dream is then laid down by the condor, swept into existence from the remains of the old and revived with a new breath of life and awareness. This great bird represents the realm of Spirit which we cannot fully understand, because we do not yet have enough information or capacity to make decisions that affect the whole on this level. We have the limits of form and the growth curve of self-mastery to contend with as primary lessons, before we can understand the creation and destruction of cycles. The condor represents the capacity of humans to achieve a fully conscious or enlightened state, existing within the harmonious balance of wisdom and bliss, between form and non-form, but at present we strive for form, and thus cannot yet appreciate a view of the appropriate ending of form and substance. The condor beings are primordial energies of enlightened activity, perceived by humans to be gods or goddesses, that understand universal laws, and thus have the power to set things in motion through their realized nature. By fully embracing their non-existence in the realm of substance, they can see through the purer, unfiltered lens of Spirit essence. The condor represents what will always be seen by humans to be a Great Mystery, until we shed our present forms and enter the land of Spirit.

Dreamt by Shinai on 5-15-2015 (=1) – Waning Crescent Moon in Aries

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